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God’s Appointed Times

Leviticus 23 is a chapter few Christians are probably familiar with but is a chapter in which devout Israelite’s would be very familiar with as it details the seven feast or “appointed times” that God decreed for His people. While many Christians cite Colossians 2:17 or other passages of the New Testament in an attempt to throw out much of the Old Testament, more judicious […]

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What about Joy?

Week 22: Joy KEY QUESTION: What gives us true happiness and contentment in life? God may shower us with blessings and circumstances that bring joy to our lives, but true joy is found not in those things themselves but in their source. Joy can also be fueled and found in living out God’s Word and trusting in the promises God gives us in his Word. […]

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Are you unconditional and sacrificial in your love?

Week 21: Love INTERMISSION Becoming more like Jesus is a journey, so let’s take a brief look at where we’ve been and where we’re going. Your first ten emails introduced the key beliefs of the Christian life, because our beliefs define who we become. Then we covered ten key spiritual practices of Christian life. This helped us explore how we can better fulfill our mission […]

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