One Man’s Impact through Prayer

In the early 20th century Evan Roberts, a coal miner in Wales prayed fervently to God and one day God revealed to him that He would send revival and 100,000 people would turn to Christ and the revival would spread to England, Europe, Africa and Asia. Evan looked for opportunities to share this with others and eventually he was given a few minutes after the […]

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Engage the Scriptures

To engage the Scriptures is to interact with the very words of God Himself. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God’s Word is quick, powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword and can penetrate where nothing else can. In short God’s Word can do heart surgery that no doctor can do! I’ve read God’s Word regularly for over 20 years now but I don’t always engage/interact with […]

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Gratitude is the Attitude

As someone who has struggled with a critical spirit all/most of my life I want to urge you to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This does not come naturally to many of us but when we are led by the Holy Spirit and Abiding in Christ gratitude should flow through our veins regularly. I am just finishing going through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ book Choosing Gratitude […]

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