Gods Power: Receive

At KCC we believe that God has a Purpose and  Plan for our lives and yours. We also believe that the only way this can be fulfilled is through God’s Power. Often we try too hard to do what can only be done by God’s Power (Ephesians 2:8-10; Hebrews 4:10-11). At KCC we believe that God’s Power comes to us through three primary sources.

At KCC we believe in the power of the Scriptures (the Bible), the Son (Jesus) and the Spirit (Holy Spirit). Our community at KCC is devoted to living a life that is:

  • Committed to the Scriptures of God
  • Controlled by the Spirit of  God
  • Conformed to the Son of God


At KCC the Community of the Saints of God (the followers of Jesus) rely upon God’s Scriptures, God’s Son and God’s Spirit for life. This is our power in life. We fulfill God’s Purpose by Living God’s Plan in God’s Power.

Come be empowered with us at KCC!